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A.W. Land & Tree Care LTD

Fully Insured & NPTC Qualified

A.W. Land & Tree Care LTD is able to undertake all aspects of tree surgery and all our work is carried out in accordance with British Standard 3998 'Recommendations for Tree Work'. All our staff are fully trained and have a wide experience of tree work enabling us to complete any job safely and on time.


This is the removal of a tree in a safe and controlled environment. It can be done in large spaces or in confined spaces such as small gardens where there are obstacles such as telephone wires and greenhouses.


Pollarding is a traditional technique of reducing the tree back to the main stem or selective branches to promote vigorous new growth. It is commonly used where trees lack the room to grow to their full size.

This is the reduction of the overall size of the tree whilst maintaining the shape and health of the tree. It can be used to re-shape an over grown tree and give it a more formal appearance.

Crown Lifts

This is the removal of lower branches of a tree to clear roads, public rights of way and allow more light into gardens.

Dangerous/Dead Tree Removal

Trees are living organisms and so are liable to become unsafe due to infection from a pathogen or from old age. This can lead to failure in adverse weather conditions. Dangerous and Dead trees are removed in the safest way using specialist equipment, such as Mobile Elevated Work Platforms.‚Äč

This Apple tree had a fungal infection and in high winds split in half. One half remained standing but very unstable, the other half fell onto the conservatory. Once the whole tree had been carefully removed using a self propelled tracked work platform, the damage it had caused to the conservatory and garden was minimal. 

Site Clearance

This is clearing an area of all vegetation to allow a new planting scheme to go ahead or in preparation of a new building.

Woodland Management

This can be anything from removing dangerous trees, felling trees, fence installation or repair, track creation or repair. If you have an area of woodland that needs work please contact us for more details.

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